Shweta Burgula

About Me

Outside of academics, Shweta makes the most of her free time. With hobbies such as hiking, teaching, playing guitar, kayaking, and bike riding, she loves to have fun and explore new activities. This page is a compilation of some of her favorite pictures, gathered over the past few years.

Kayaking on the Passaic River.
I won “Pearly White, Always Smiling” and “Best Form Filler” at the Codie Awards (the Coding and Community version of the Dundies).
Playing the guitar in my dorm room.
My friends and I won second place at the IBM Call for Code Hackathon, so much fun!
Exploring Troy with my friend.
Creating music with coding&&community’s very own laptops at the STEP Regional Conference. Such an amazing experience!
Testing the waters.
Exploring the tunnels under RPI.
Such swag! This was for XTech, when we organized a day long event for high schoolers in the local area to see potential career opportunities in STEM.
I was featured in an article in the Rensselaer Alumni Magazine!
Painting with the Society of Women Engineers: my friend and my paintings. I took a more abstract approach.
The joys of living in upstate New York: the day my hair froze while I was walking to teach an early morning Saturday class.