Packages & Pricing

  • macbook, laptop, computer

    Introduction to Python


    Start from the basics. Make projects including hangman, tic tac toe, and more!

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • homework, school, problem



    Tutoring for AP Physics and high school physics.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • geometry, ruler, mathematics



    High school precalculus. Includes topics like trigonometry.

    Duration : 60 MIN

  • Sale! calculator, scientific, numbers

    SAT Mathematics


    Work through SAT problems together and learn techniques to increase speed and accuracy.

    Duration : 60 MIN

Subjects and Qualifications

  • SAT Mathematics
  • K-12 Mathematics
  • High school and college physics
  • Calculus
  • Python
  • NXT and EV3 Robotics
  • Biomaterials
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Numerical Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tutoring?

Tutoring can be a very different experience, depending on which tutor you work with. I try to individualize the experience by identifying your specific needs and working on them. A typical tutoring session will consist of a few practice problems which we will work through together. All of my sessions have open communication and dialogue. The most important thing for me is that you understand the material and feel comfortable doing problems independently.

Is there a money back guarentee?

Yes. If for any reason you are unhappy with how the first session goes, you will be refunded for the session. That being said, I am always looking for feedback and ways to improve, so if there was anything you would like to address please let me know and we can work on it.

What are classes?

Classes are slightly different from tutoring. While tutoring will help you work through school material, classes are more self guided. I will develop a curriculum and we will go through the material at your pace. This involves teaching, in addition to working through problems together.

Do you teach other subjects, besides the ones listed?

Yes. I am a chemical engineer and thus have knowledge in many STEM related topics. If there is any particular subject you would like to work on, please contact me and we can discuss if I am the right fit for you.

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