University of Delaware

In Progress

Pursuing PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Co-advised by Professor Arthi Jayaraman and Professor April Kloxin.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

May 2022 

B.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Minor in Psychology. GPA: 3.43.

Simulating Silk Self Assembly Behavior Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation at Zha Lab (RPI)

Aug 2020 – Present, 6 hours/week

  • Utilize molecular dynamics (LAMMPS) to model silk self assembly behaviors to eventually reduce the cost and time required to develop new techniques in drug delivery and tissue engineering, both of which are prominent biomedical applications of silk.
  • Analyzing effect of chain length and hard to soft segment ratio on the resulting mechanical properties of silk. Developing Python script to automate analysis. 
  • Analyzed results from a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) for a COVID-19 antiviral coating for N-95 masks.

Lab on a Chip for Environmental Applications at Basuray Lab (NJIT)

Aug 2020 – Jan 2021, 40 hours/week

  • Conducted and analyzed cyclic voltammetry (CV) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) results.
  • Conducted literature review on emerging contaminants in drinking water.

Optics NSF REU: Utilizing Spectroelectrochemical Detection to Improve the Lab on a Chip Device at Basuray Lab (NJIT)

May 2019 – Aug 2019, 40 hours/week

  • Independently design experiments to enhance the lab-on-a-chip device using spectroelectrochemistry to improve early pathogen detection.
  • Replaced traditional carbon nanotubes with optically reactive nanotubes to add a secondary method of detection.

Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications (RPI)

Jan 2019-May 2019, 4 hours/week

  • Designed and conducted experiments to observe the effect of nature simulating dynamic lighting on human mood, productivity, and emotions using Emotiv EEGs. 

Digital Transformation Intern at Genentech

May 2021-Present, 10-40 hours/week

  • Designed a Tableau dashboard to track chromatography instrument performance and ensure system suitability. 
  • Contributed to a python script to automatically alert failed instrument system suitability. 

Tutoring, Independent/Advising Center

Aug 2015 – Present, 10 hours/week

  • Mentoring students of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. 
  • Regularly  develop and teach complete curriculums for computer science, robotics, K-12 math, physics.
  • Specialty in motivating and assisting underachieving students to excel. 

Help Desk IT Consultant

Jan 2020 – Present, 5 hours/week

  • Client-facing role to assist students by troubleshooting technical issues and communicating effectively. Used a ticketing system to store data and create requests.   

Continuous Synthesis of Ibuprofen

  • Developed a plant for the continuous manufacturing of ibuprofen using Aspen. Assessed the scope, economics, and feasibility.

Formation and Characterization of Biodiesel from Canola Oil

  • Used store grade canola oil to create biodiesel. Characterized the biodiesel via combustion calorimetry, rheological analysis, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Wrote a formal report analyzing biodiesel as an adequate replacement for diesel.

Vapor Liquid Equilibrium

  • Created multiple solutions with varying compositions of cyclohexane and toluene. Conducted distillation and analyzed the difference between the composition of the vapor distillate and the remaining liquid sample, via refractive index and gas chromatography.

Thermodynamics of a Metal Ion Complexing

  • Analyzed an electrochemical cell and conducted solution calorimetry to measure the enthalpy of a metal ion complexing.

Synthesis of Epoxy Resin

  • Synthesized and characterized epoxy resin from resorcinol. Utilized FTIR, NMR, and viscosity measurements.

Metal Ion Extraction

  • Extracted copper and nickel from solution at various pH. The extraction efficiency was identified and used to design a procedure to extract copper and nickel from a solution containing both substances.

Shell in Tube Heat Exchanger Countercurrent Analysis

  • Analyzed the effect of temperature and flow rate through the shell and tube of a heat exchanger on the heat transfer efficiency.

Compressed Air Energy Storage Design Project

  • Designed a hypothetical compressed air energy storage system to store 0.1% of the energy consumed by the United States annually.
  • Analyzed water bodies throughout the United States for the optimal temperature, depth, and environmental protections for a CAES system.
  • Analyzed a variety of gases to identify the most efficient gas for energy storage.

Virtual Reality Plant Design Project

  • Designed P, PI, and PID controllers in a virtual reality plant.
  • Analyzed and optimized the controllers to create a successful plant.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Aug 2020 – Present, 4 hours/week


Organize events, invite industry professionals and lead the executive board as president.

Coding and Community

Aug 2018 – Present, 6 hours/week

Instructor, Lead Curriculum Developer, President.

Teach minority students basic computer science and manage subcommittees to organize outreach events and programs.

Rensselaer Center for Open Source

Aug 2018 – Aug 2020, 4 hours/week

Developer, Mentor, Project Manager.

Collaborate with a team to construct applications for uses such as COVID tracking, time management, and in-class quizzing.

RPI Ambulance      

Aug 2018 – Feb 2020, 4 hours/week

EMT, Secretary.

Provide emergency first aid care to RPI students and the local community to improve patient and public health.

Somerset Youth Leadership      

Aug 2017 – June 2017, 2 hours/week

Explore different aspects of the community and contribute to making the county more diverse and inclusive.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Regional Conference

Shweta Burgula and Zhenglong Li, Utilizing Spectroelectrochemical Detection to Improve Sensitivity in the Shear Enhanced Lab on a Chip Device, 2020 Mid-Atlantic American Institute of Chemical Engineering Regional Conference, open. 9, October 2020 (Virginia Tech – Virtual)

Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium

Shweta Burgula and Zhenglong Li, Utilizing Spectroelectrochemical Detection to Improve Sensitivity in the Shear Enhanced Lab on a Chip Device, 2020 Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium, open. 30, November 2020 (Rice University – Virtual)

12th International Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium

Shweta Burgula and Zhenglong Li, Utilizing Spectroelectrochemical Detection to Improve Sensitivity in the Shear Enhanced Lab on a Chip Device, 2019 12th International Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium, open. 1, August 2019 (New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark NJ)

  • Brinnegar Award for Outstanding Students in Undergraduate Research at RPI
  • Genentech Outstanding Student Award
  • AIChE Regional Conference 2nd Place Award
  • Dean’s Honors List
  • Rensselaer Leadership Award (scholarship)
  • NJIT REU Conference 2nd Place Award
  • Nominated for the national URP Conference
  • Python, C++, Matlab, R, HTML/CSS, Tensorflow, Aspen Plus
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Strong analytical thinking
  • Fast learner
  • Positive attitude with a growth mindset
  • Fluent in Hindi, Basic proficiency in Latin
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry Honors Society
  • Order of the Engineers